Imagining a tool where learning is fun, engaging, and meaningful for every child


As a part of Google UX Certificate program, students were tasked to create a product, feature, or service to assess their educational skills throughout first weeks. My prompt was to design a learning experience for kids to reduce wasted time with educational and beneficial time.


Emo is a tablet application that uses voice user interface and edutainment features to help kids develop and discover lessons and skills that would help them in their time frame.

Understanding the problem

As a UX designer, I approached the prompt from a user-centered mindset. But the prompt seemed blurry and unclear at first. By seeing the problem critically, I’ve developed the main objectives within my scope.

What is the learning experience? Who are the kids? What should I build? These were the questions I encountered during my understanding. To organize my efforts, I’ve decided to split my research phase into two sections: Understanding the learning experiences’ market, and understanding my end users.

To keep my audit user-centered and focused on identifying pain points and the market’s big picture, I kept my criteria of reviewing limited to existing learning products that target kids around their offerings and how they are delivering those offers.

The audit uncovered that most learning experiences provide access to videos, entertainment, and educational activities that kids find interesting. That raised my curiosity to learn about kids and their relationship to technology. I conducted secondary research reviewing qualitative data about tech’s impact on kids.

Secondary Research findings
Source: The Future of Children, Vol. 10, No. 2, Children and Computer Technology (Autumn - Winter, 2000), pp. 31-43

Insights ranged from addiction concerns to exposure to inappropriate content, and passive educational journeys. I synthesized pain points into understandable categories to help me better empathize with my users.

Later I transformed them into potential feasible, and viable opportunities.

Setting objectives

As an interaction designer, I kept my efforts around turning pain points into easy-to-use designs. To evaluate my solutions, I kept usability and utility as my priorities. I kept some questions in mind while designing solutions.

By setting a timer, and unpacking logical and illogical ideas about the ideal solution. I envisioned the experience of the product into crazy eights keeping options open and feasible.

While reviewing solutions I revisited my end users’ struggles and my opportunities scope which led me to select a solution that uses a tablet platform as its medium. I kept addiction and easiness of use top of my mind.

A device that contain stories, lessons ,and games

A feature that would create a environment of collaboration in kids’ free time.

The device can detect when the user came back home to engage in a conversation about learning and education.

The device can play a role in being the guidance that kids lacked from parents.

Switching to my computer I wanted to add and identify more details that would enhance the interaction between the user and the product. I created digital wireframes to keep the feedback loop accessible and understandable.

As a voice assistant feature, I wanted to design the product to have delightful conversations and features to result in ethical and safe interactions for kids. I tried to keep interaction costs as low as possible while developing the CUI.

As the primary goal. The product learns from the conversations with kids. As the relationships grow, it applies what it’s learned to build enriching and personalized stories.

As the primary goal. The product learns from the conversations with kids. As the relationships grow, it applies what it’s learned to build enriching and personalized stories.

With a more single feature. Kids can read stories about emotions and feelings manually without going through the conversation.

With youtube kids built in. Kids could access personalized videos about emotions and feelings to learn and enrich the experience to a delightful one.