Hi, I'm Adel. I know there are many portfolios out there, So here’s my TL;DR:

Who Am I

I'm Abdennour, Generalist User experience designer. Focused at designing and enhancing products, services, and features to deliver experiences that meet the practical, cognitive, emotional, and physical needs of target users.

What I value

I hold the value that technology’s capabilities when it blends design philosophy can create products that significantly enrich people’s lives.

What I’m looking for

Internships or Entry level Jobs as Product, UX Designer.

Case Study: A platform for social connection

How I applied the user-centered design process to meet a need, empower marginalized communities, and adapt to non-profit’s capabilities with functional, accessible product.

Case Study: Helping Creators with more tools of the trade

How I identified a market opportunity, empathized with users, and used lean design process to develop a sustainable for profit product for content creators.

Case Study: An intuitive E-commerce website for senior users

Uncovering senior users pain points, using a waterfall design process, and designing across platforms using a consistent design system to deliver a usable and useful experience.

reimagining a new feature in google lens

From observation to solution: A case study on turning a hidden pain point into design concepts to help students with their college struggles.

Designing for Privacy and Ethical Technology

A case study into how I used Synthesizing and Analyzing data to Generate Conclusions and Insights.